What is Bravo eGo?

Bravo eGo (former e-Trike) is an ultra-compact transformable electric vehicle that allows you to drive both along the roads and in non-automotive areas (bicycle lanes, narrow alleyways, etc.). This vehicle was created for businessmen and active young people who want to get from point A to point B of the modern metropolis quickly, despite of the traffic jams and trouble with parking. Unlike the Segway, our product gives the comfort and security of a full-size car to consumers.

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What is a bimodal vehicle? Why is eGo the first bimodal electromobile?

The word “bimodal” means existing in the two transport modalities: pedestrian and automobile. A pedestrian has a lot of advantages over a car in a big city, especially in jamming and in difficult road conditions. On the other hand, when a road is clear, the vehicle leaves pedestrians far behind. eGo owners will be able to choose the transportation mode by pressing a single button. You can be a pedestrian or drive an automobile, when it is beneficial to you, thanks to the transformation of the eGo. Such transformation philosophy was not proposed by any other vehicle previously. This is really a new degree of freedom in your city.

When will eGo go on sale?

We expect that the first eGo production samples will find their owners by the end of 2014. The first who will get eGo will be the participants of the program that is called eGo Limited (pre-order), according to the schedule of pre-orders.

Can I use eGo in winter?

Yes, you can. All components of the electric vehicle designed to operate to -30° C. Electric vehicle is equipped with climate control, including a self-contained electric heater. The only thing that the eGo owner must remember is that negative temperatures and use of the heater can reduce the actual mileage on a single charge.

What vehicle tax does the eGo owner pay?

In Moscow, the transport tax for eGo is zero. In other regions of Russia vehicle tax will be about 82 rubles per year.
Calculation: power 6 kW X kW in HP (1,35962) X tax rate up to 100 HP (10 rubles). = 81.57 rubles.

How stable is eGo on the turns?

eGo almost cannot turn over even at a sharp turn due to a very low center of gravity. Battery, the main mass of the frame and the entire propulsion system are located below the driver's legs. The mechanism of this transformation makes possible to improve the stability when traveling on smooth roads, reducing the clearance to a minimum.
eGo also shows good stability driving on rough roads. It is sufficient to say, the eGo prototype is regularly and successfully tested at a speed of 60 km / h on a dirt road with large elevation changes.

How does eGo solve the problem of traffic jams?

In global terms, eGo takes less space than a conventional car on the road, also because of the tandem arrangement of a driver and a passenger. It means that great number of vehicles can be on the same road at the same time.
Moreover, eGo gives the opportunity to his owner to transform and go to the "pedestrian" mode of use, and bypass a traffic jam on the surrounding areas. We recommend using this mode only when it is necessary and respect pedestrian rights and interests as well as of other road users.

What is the lifetime of eGo batteries?

Up to 12 years.

How safe is eGo in folded position for pedestrians, while driving the surrounding areas?

It is absolutely safe. Firstly, the maximum eGo speed in the pedestrian mode is limited to 10 km / h and can be additionally limited by electronics, if there is a high density of dynamic obstacles on the way. Secondly, ultrasonic sensors with an electronic security system will completely stop eGo in the case of threat to bring down a pedestrian or to drive into other obstacle.

Is project team concerned with one of the existing car manufacturers?

No, the project team has no relation to any of the existant car manufacturers. Bravo Motors Company worked at (and goes on to work at) eTrike and development and production of utilitarian electric vehicles.

Do I need to have driving licence in order to use eGo? For what category?

You should have driving licence for M or B1 categories. If you have a license for B category, then it automatically includes B1category, and you will be able to use eGo.

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