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This is the first bimodal convertible electromobile. It lets to move around public roads and beyond them, bypass traffic jams if necessary and to park in a limited area easily.

Bravo eGo

Bravo eGo combines Segway mobility and comfort and security of a full-size car.

A man spends a few hours a day in traffic in a big city, searching for parking places or experiences discomfort in public transport. Standard solutions are expensive, timeconsuming and harm the environment.

Real solution is our Bravo eGo. Trike transformer is stable and safe as a conventional car in the unfolded state at speeds up to 90 km / h. But if we met with a traffic jam or decided to park in a tight spot, just push a button and in five seconds the car occupies one and a half times less space and moves over even 20-cm curbs easily.

eGo — stretched and expanded

Our trike is a gadget on wheels. It has joystick instead of steering wheel, and on-board computer instead of the dashboard. The on-board computer is equipped with navigation, internet access, climate control, audio and video system, self-diagnosis and a private social network.

eGo — control

  • Bimodality:
    • Required parking space – 1.5 sq.m.
    • Ability to overtake any jam-up through adjacent territories
    • It overcomes any city irregularities easily - pavement edges, speed humps, street footstep
    • Ergonomic design (transforming frame)
  • Almost zero cost of ownership, including the cost of charging, maintenance and repair
  • Stylish, modern, futuristic design
  • Remote control from a mobile phone or tablet
  • Rapidity and noiseless
  • Sufficient level of safety in case of accidents due to the low weight of the vehicle, rigid frame and elastic collision model
  • Reasonable price
  • Ecological in use
  • Sociality and interactivity due to plug-in Tablet with navigation, audio-video system, climate control and a private social network
  • Comfort, due to the climate control, soft car seat with the regulations and a completely closed cab

Dimensions and Capacity

Length (in unfolded state):2600mm
Length (in folded state):1650mm
Height (in unfolded state):1400mm
Height (in folded state):1750mm
Curb weight (with a driver):440kg
Maximum payload mass:200kg
Number of seats:1+1

Dynamics and speed

Full speed (in unfolded state):90km / h
Full speed (in folded state):10km / h
Acceleration up to 60 km / h:5sec

Power plant and engines

Engine power:2х3 kW
Engine type:motor-wheel, collector-free, synchronous, three-phase, permanent neodymium-iron-bor magnets, 2 pcs.
Working voltage:48 V
Onboard voltage :12 V, 48 V

Accumulators and mileage

Capacity of accumulators:5760W*h
Accumulator type:LiFePo4
Recharge Time from 220В mains:4h
Recharge Time from charging station (Mode 3):20min
Mileage on a single charge (standard version):70km
Mileage on a single charge (Pro version):140km

Steering and brake systems

Brake system:regenerative braking, front wheel electromagnetic brakes, combined with electric motors, reserve rear wheel hydraulic brakes, rear wheels mechanical parking brake
Steering system:controller - two-axis joystick servo 600W, dual steering gear (planetary gear transmission + Cone transmission), steering knuckle and pitman

Carriage and suspension

Transformation mechanism:electrohydromechanical with hydraulic cylinder, electric drive power 1.5 kW
Front suspension:independent, two A-shaped levers, buffer in spring
Rear suspension:pendular, buffer in spring
Carriage and rollcage:spacer frame made of rectangular and oval steel section
Front wheel diskR10
Rear wheel disk:R13

Machine body and interior

The frontal glazing:triplex of automobile brands
Door glazing:solid polycarbonate
Opening door trajectory:"scissors", take aside, and then turn forward around the front lower pivot with partial closing of windscreen
Body material:glass reinforced plastics, black-reinforced plastic (depending on the configuration)
Upholstery and interior materials:fiberglass plastic, thermoformed ABS plastic, genuine leather, alcantara, vinilis-leather (depending on the configuration)
Driver's seat:car seat with 6 adjustments
Passenger seat:(behind the driver's seat) motorcycle seat without adjustment, it can be transformed in luggage compartment
Passive safety:seat belts, 3 airbags (in some models)

Driving, light and signalling

Light and signalling:auxiliary headlight (halogen), front parking lights, turn signals(LEDs), daytime running lights (LEDs), repeaters bends in side mirrors (LEDs), rear parking lights (LEDs), rear brake lights (LEDs), rear turn signals (LEDs), klaxon, interior dome light (LEDs).
Dashboard:tablet computer with dynamically displayed speed, acceleration, residual battery charge levels, status of vehicle systems, touch control transformation mode, climate control, AV system, navigation, security system.
Connection between the central controller and the Tablet PC:Bluetooth
The main controls:joystick, reserve hydraulic brake pedal
Mirrors:left and right outside, Rear View Camera



Features, described here, are not a public offer and can be changed over the course of the project.

  • Stylish and modern trike is different from cars and on motorcycles in appearance, it has an attractive futuristic design
  • Quick and noiseless due to the engines design, it can overtake most of the conventional cars at the start


  • Bimodal transformer for urban environment - it moves along the roads together with cars in the unfolded state, it can also pass the pedestrian zone along with pedestrians in folded state, it can drive on the road like a car, and cross the road like a pedestrian on a crosswalk. Trike owner can drive up to the kiosk and buy a newspaper without leaving the trike. It can overcome any city irregularities easily - pavement edges, street footstep etc.
  • Multimedia and social, trike forms the society around it - the built-board computer with a large touch screen serves not only as the instrument panel, but also as access to popular social networks and also to a private network of similar trike owners. Social network is supplemented by the reality of the environment through the camera and GPS


  • Easy parking – it takes only 1.5 sq. m. on the asphalt in the folded state, it can be parked at any place, it also emphasizes the difference between the owner of a trike and the owner of a conventional car
  • Trouble-free charging, almost free mileage - 10 kopeks per 1 km (instead of 2-3 rubles of a conventional car), the full charging will be enough for 100-150 km, charging is possible both in the charging station, and from any conventional 220 volt outlet


  • Composite materials of the future - the trike body is made of a combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber, it does not corrode, rot, easily absorbs even strong impacts and therefore it provides a high level safety in case of accidents
  • The remote control mode via the communicator / phone: it is possible to check the status of all systems remotely, to " look in" the onboard video camera, check the battery level, it is possible to control Electric Tricycle in a low speed remotely, for example, you can park it, standing on the street (outside the trike) and estimate the distance to the obstacle visually


  • No transmission, the electric motors located inside the front driving wheels (motor-wheel)
  • Joystick control, no steering wheel (according to independent researched, and concern Toyota researches, joystick is the most easily perceived and convenient way to control any vehicle)


  • The speed is up to 90 km/h in the unfolded state. The speed in folded, "pedestrian" mode is restricted to 10 km / h, the folding and unfolding is performed for 5 seconds by pressing a single button
  • Electromagnetic brakes - provide a smooth, safe and efficient braking, ABS systems, Traction Control and ESP are easily implemented on their basis


  • Presence of Tablet PC instead of the dashboard provides a plug-in solution to control navigation, climate control, self-test and safety systems and use of a special social network for owners of vehicles with the button "make friends with a passing vehicle"

What does "eGo" mean?

Correct pronunciation: "eGo" [ˈeɡəʊ]. This is an example of pun. On the one hand, the spelling of "e-Go" is an abbreviation that means electrical vehicle. On the other hand, pronunciation "eGo" underlines the individuality and identity of the vehicle.