Movers in Chicago

Moving Tricks of the Trade

With so many moves happening all over Chicago, its quite a miracle that they all go smoothly. Below are tips to make sure your Chicago Movers take appropriate action during your important day of transition.

But even with so many smooth moves, scams or shady services do occur in just about every single industry. It will behoove you to be informed about every part of the process.

Here are some ways to be informed:

1. Moving List Inventory

A respectable moving company will take all items down on the inventory list of your home to make sure they know exactly what size truck they need as well as how many items are going from your home. This also allows the movers to come prepared with the proper equipment if there were a piano or large oversized item that would require special equipment and more guys to help move. This is mandatory when hiring movers and be sure to fill this out accurately.

2. Get a thorough walk-through from movers

An in home estimate is very essential when you are moving anything bigger than a one bedroom apartment. The reason being is because there could be many obstacles the movers wouldnt catch otherwise than doing an in home estimate. This allows the estimator to make notes of your inventory list, bigger items, mattress sizes, as well as the stairs and obstacles movers will have to go through to make sure your move is going good and in according to plan.

3. Do NOT pay a large deposit

Movers should never take a large deposit from you before your move. It is common for movers to ask you for a down payment, but make sure it is no more than $150 because this should go towards your move. Never under any circumstances pay for the whole move before it is done!

4. Avoid moving companies with a name switch

This is just a given, if they keep switching names then you know they are hiding behind something.

5. Get references on movers

Ask around for good references on movers from family and friends. Some movers a good and treat your items with care, but some movers are bad and will damage your furniture.

6. Avoid packing costs

If you can pack your furniture and items yourself, you will be saving a lot of money if you were to do it all yourself vs. having to pay movers to pack your stuff for you. This is a long process that is expensive and will add a lot to your total of the bill.

7. Beware of extra fees

Make sure you are upfront with your movers about any extra fees that you may not be aware of. Some movers will add additional stair fees, hidden fees, long carry fees, heavy item fees.